WARU ECUADOR is a 100% Ecuadorian company. This family business, following German tradition, created more than 15 years ago its first liquor, Fine Aroma Cacao Cream, in Ecuador on the shores of Lake San Pablo in the province of Imbabura, making the recipe transcend in time.


The company perfects the recipe in order to reach national and international markets under

high-quality standards. Thanks to market acceptance, the company creates a line of gourmet cocktails.

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A unique and special moment

is one that we can enjoy

with the people we love

the most.

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It is this essence of sharing that led Anna Drewniok to create this unique cocoa liquor recipe that dates back to the 1940s in World War II Germany. There, family moments of peace were scarce, but very well used by the dedicated grandmother and her family, who decided to make these moments something unique and memorable. 

In honor of the long German chocolate heritage, this tradition is created to transcended generations and borders finally arriving in Ecuador, at the foot of the Taita Imbabura Volcano, a place that added its history and majesty as an ingredient in this recipe of love and family tradition.

Es ahí, en la orillas del Lago San Pablo donde un toque final fue agregado, el mundialmente famoso cacao fino de aroma ecuatoriano. Nuestro cacao es obtenido a mano por hábiles mujeres nativas  de la selva de Archidona, en la provincia de Napo, en una plantación natural de origen único que nos brinda el más fino producto orgánico, que luego es hábilmente procesado para integrarse con la ya exquisita receta alemana - ecuatoriana, dando como resultado uno de los más finos licores de cacao.